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Louis Prima Tribute and Ran Kan Kan

Not too long after getting home from cruising around Africa, we felt the need to get back into the dance studio. On the ship we were used to dance quite often, sometimes even every day, so we started looking for new opportunities to perform.

We decided to freshen up Scena’s shows, so we choreographed two new dance routines for Rock’n’Roll and Salsa, the most requested styles from our offer.

It’s not easy to create a new show, especially if the clients really appreciated the one before.  We’ve received a lot of praise for our existing rock medley, so both the new music and the costumes had to be at least as colorful and outstanding as the current ones. We didn’t just want to create a new choreography, but also to concentrate all of last year’s cruising experience into the new show and upgrade our skills. And so we started to search for inspiration. We spent about five rehearsals focusing on lindy hop trying to blend it into our jive, making it faster and wackier. We’ve also learnt some new lifts and tricks, some of them made it into the show, some of them are still work in progress.

After all of this it was time to decide on the songs. We started with “Buona Sera”, a song we already performed to back on the Aegean Odyssey. Hence we started looking into Louis Prima and so we discovered a lot of tracks we enjoyed. We finally decided that the best option for this new show would be a tribute dedicated to him. After a long selection process (what to do if Louis Prima sings so well) we came up with the final formula which, we say, mixes some of his best work: “Five months”, “Buona Sera” și “Jump and Jive”.

The second show we worked on was Salsa. We chose a classic songs, performed by Tito Puente for “The Mambo Kings” (a movie starring Armand Asante and Antonio Banderas) – “Ran Kan Kan”. We wrote down the structure and made a list of what’s fashionable these days and what’s a must in a professional salsa routine. We already knew that we must have lifts and tricks, elements that cannot miss from our shows. Then we decided on the partnering pieces, footwork, group routine and couple’s solos.

We are very happy with the result and we think the public appreciates our efforts.

Louis Prima Tribute and Ran Kan Kan

Ballroom Dancing in London, the Modern Babylon

This summer we decided to take a brake from cruising, but since we cannot stop dancing we started looking for jobs at local events. And so it happened that we found this Facebook post saying that someone was looking for a ballroom couple in London for a private event. We immediately searched on skyscanner.com for a plane ticket for the specified date, did the maths and decided to apply for the job, as we have been planning for a long time to visit UK’s capital and our friends who live there.

Red flowers in the Queen's Garden before dancing in London

Red flowers in the Queen’s Garden at Buckingham Palace

After a month of silence, the client came back asking if we were still available, so we had to check again for the plane ticket price. Even better, that day Wizz Air was having a promotion for this flight so we confirmed the job.

They asked us for two Latin numbers and requested to bring glittery costumes(especially for Bianca), so we suggested our Jive and Salsa routines. We practised the entire week before the event and we also added some tricks and combinations from our Louis Prima Tribute and Salsa Show we had performed two days before at the Black Sea Resort “Europa” in Eforie.

When not dancing in London

View of the Tower Bridge from The Tower Hotel

Arriving in London, this vibrant and eclectic city where more than 300 languages are spoken (more than in any other city in the world), we found a very interesting mix of cultures, people, shows and tourist attractions. We were fortunate to stay with a friend in Shoreditch, a regenerated urban part of London, very popular and fashionable nowadays. Former industrial buildings have been transformed today in flats and offices, while the pubs and clubs in the area offer a variety of venues that are competing with those of the West End. But before enjoying London we had a commitment to fulfill.


We reserved the next day after our arrival only for our performance. We did our make up and costumes and we took the bus to get to the Park Plaza Hotel next to Westminster Bridge (thank you Apple Maps for making it so easy to use the public transport of London!). Upon our arrival we found out that we were performing at a Sri Lankan Engagement Party together with other artists. We had time to do a rehearsal and a sound check before the guests arrived and everything went smooth and nice as the entire team proved to be very professional and positive.

Dan and Bianca dancing a Jive Show at Park Plaza Hotel in London

Dan and Bianca performing a Jive Show at Park Plaza Hotel in London

The programme started at 20:00 with Traditional Indian Music, then Wayne Woodward (Britain’s Got Talent sensational finalist) sang some jazz music while a group of four cabaret girls were dancing behind him. After Wayne’s amazing performance, the atmosphere was enhanced and the guests started to enjoy what was happening on the stage for them. This is when our “Flip flop fly” Jive Show was introduced by DJ Rando (the event’s DJ and MC for the night). We had a great time dancing on the mirror stage for more than 200 people.

In this artistic programme there were also a Fusion Commercial Group and a Pop Female Singer that brought the energy to the dance floor before the DJ started the party at around 22:00.

The organisers were very considerate with all the artists, and we were happy to be part of this team having a great time together and finishing the job with great satisfaction.

After we finished our dancing in London





During our stay in London we enjoyed authentic English summer days, warm and sunny, but we also experienced one or two showers while riding the City Bikes around the City Centre. While others might get frustrated by this capricious weather, we were cooling ourselves away from the hot and dry weather that Bucharest was having in the middle of July.

Hope you’ll enjoy our photos as much as we enjoyed London! In just four days, we had enough time to see friends, dance on the street, visit some of the museums and art galleries, go to a dance studio, see a musical and of course the daily change of guards at Buckingham Palace.

Dancing near Google Office in London

Dancing on the streets of London @King’s Cross

Dancing next to the Tower Bridge of London

Strictly No Cycling – Strictly Dancing

Lunch box on a bench in London's Park when we are not dancing

Short stop to have lunch in a park

One of the best cultural events appart from dancing held in London every year

We couldn’t miss The Summer Exhibition 2016

Tuesday traffic in the center of London Dancing

Black Cabs on Oxford Street

Lyceum Theatre Lion King Musical London Dancing

Taking seats for “Lion King” The Musical – a must see in West End

Tango London Phone Booth Urban Dancing

Tango on Strand Street in London

London Change of Guards London Dancing

Change of Guards at Buckingham Palace

Shanie's Pineapple Jazz London Dancing

Last day we ended our London visit with a Jazz Training session at Pineapple Studios. Thank you Shanie!:)

Dance shows at the Dentist’s Ball

After our colleagues’ special New Year’s Eve in the Maldives, 2015 has reunited the entire group in February, at the glamorous J.W. Mariott hotel in Bucharest, where the Dentists’ Ball is annually held. For this year, since it was the second time our team was present at this event, we made sure to change some of the choreographies and costumes, and also prepare some new dance shows for the guests.

Considering the fact that our band grew, we needed special training for this party. Some of us have worked assiduously to learn the new choreography, while the rest have focused extensively on improving of synchronization.

The day of the show, after long weeks of rehearsal, the choreography, the costumes were prepared and we were ready to impress. We opened up with the Viennese Waltz, a choreography designed specifically for this ball, followed by a moment of Quickstep, that brought people to the dance floor. In total, SCENA Showdance performed 10 dance shows, 5 of which with the entire group and 5 other solo routines. Here are some of our numbers: Charleston, Flamenco, Romanian Folklore and our newest dance, Fireball.

Of all the shows, our new salsa choreographed to Pitbull’s famous song raised the entire room.

After each number the guests were invited to dance along with us, leaving their seats empty and following our dance steps.

In the end, our 5 couples performed no less than 10 numbers, each and one of them with its distinctive costumes. Next year we will most certainly return with other new shows, but until then we are getting ready for a summer full of dance.