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Louis Prima Tribute and Ran Kan Kan

Not too long after getting home from cruising around Africa, we felt the need to get back into the dance studio. On the ship we were used to dance quite often, sometimes even every day, so we started looking for new opportunities to perform.

We decided to freshen up Scena’s shows, so we choreographed two new dance routines for Rock’n’Roll and Salsa, the most requested styles from our offer.

It’s not easy to create a new show, especially if the clients really appreciated the one before.  We’ve received a lot of praise for our existing rock medley, so both the new music and the costumes had to be at least as colorful and outstanding as the current ones. We didn’t just want to create a new choreography, but also to concentrate all of last year’s cruising experience into the new show and upgrade our skills. And so we started to search for inspiration. We spent about five rehearsals focusing on lindy hop trying to blend it into our jive, making it faster and wackier. We’ve also learnt some new lifts and tricks, some of them made it into the show, some of them are still work in progress.

After all of this it was time to decide on the songs. We started with “Buona Sera”, a song we already performed to back on the Aegean Odyssey. Hence we started looking into Louis Prima and so we discovered a lot of tracks we enjoyed. We finally decided that the best option for this new show would be a tribute dedicated to him. After a long selection process (what to do if Louis Prima sings so well) we came up with the final formula which, we say, mixes some of his best work: “Five months”, “Buona Sera” și “Jump and Jive”.

The second show we worked on was Salsa. We chose a classic songs, performed by Tito Puente for “The Mambo Kings” (a movie starring Armand Asante and Antonio Banderas) – “Ran Kan Kan”. We wrote down the structure and made a list of what’s fashionable these days and what’s a must in a professional salsa routine. We already knew that we must have lifts and tricks, elements that cannot miss from our shows. Then we decided on the partnering pieces, footwork, group routine and couple’s solos.

We are very happy with the result and we think the public appreciates our efforts.

Louis Prima Tribute and Ran Kan Kan

SCENÁ Dance Studio

Whether it’s a classic Waltz, a crazy collage or your favorite song, together we can create a unique moment for the opening of your wedding. Those wishing to relax while learning basic steps you couple dances: cha cha, salsa, merengue, Waltz, tango, are welcomed to our group lessons dedicated to adults.

You just have to choose one of our schools located closer to you. There you will have the opportunity to learn from one of the SCENÁ members.

Dance shows by SCENÁ

We’ve always tried to avoid monotony. That’s why we gladly accepted any challenge to create a new number. Below you can watch moments from all of the group choreographies we had the pleasure to create so far.