Creating choreographies while cruising Africa

Choreographies in the Namib Desert, Walvis Bay

One of the best things about being asked to come back to the Aegean Odyssey (a small luxury cruise ship from Voyages to Antiquity) was the itinerary: it sailed around Africa from the Atlantic to the Indian Ocean. The second best part of this experience was that we had the opportunity to create so many choreographies, that now allow us to be prepared for any job as a ballroom couple.

Argentine Tango choreographies with Grisel Quartet music

Initially we were asked to create dance shows to Argentinian Tangos played by the Buenos Aires band “The Grisel Quartet”. So we came on board with five different tango costumes and we were very happy to meet and work with such a positive and inspiring group. Having received a good feedback from the audience after the first performance, we decided to join them in their Latin Show with our Cha Cha Cha routine. In the four weeks that we worked together with the Argentinian group we performed in their Tango Music show and Latin Show and in the beautiful Night Galla at the end of the cruise with our Flamenco routine.

Bobby Darin Tribute choreographies

Unfortunately they had to leave right after the Christmas Cruise, so we were left alone with our tango costumes and choreographies for a while. Our joy came back when Bruce Morrison joined the ship. We met him last season, so we had a great connection from the start. As soon as he saw us, he asked if we are available to do something together. In less than two weeks we put together a Bobby Darin Tribute Show creating six brand new choreographies and taking any chance to get some of his great experience as a Stage Director and Performer. The most frustrating part of this process was that most of our Rock’n’Roll and Swing costumes were at home, as we came more prepared for the Tango performances. Obviously we had to improvise. So we went out shopping in South Africa and bought ourselves new costumes for the Show. Luckily the 50’s are back in fashion, so we found everything that we needed for the job.

Rock'n'Roll Choreographies

After a couple of cruises we were left alone again, but Richard Sykes came on as the new Cruise Director and also as a singer. He performed numerous cabarets, managing not to repeat any of his shows in more than a month. He was a delight, especially for the passengers who traveled with us for three cruises in a row. As we hate getting bored, we choreographed to some of his songs and we had a great time together on stage in his Elvis, Manillow Monro, Lionel Richie or Buddy Holly Tribute.

Tango Show Choreographies in Classical Concert (piano & violin)

All in all, the best thing about this contract was having the opportunity to be part of a great entertainment team, together with inspiring and very experienced artists. That’s why in our final cruise we asked all of them to perform with us in our Passengers Talent Show and we also joined some of them in their Classical Concert with our Libertango.

We hope to get as much satisfaction and experience from the following jobs as from the Aegean, so if you are looking for a creative and proactive ballroom couple or group, please don’t hesitate to contact us and book as soon as you can.

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