Dance shows at the Dentist’s Ball

After our colleagues’ special New Year’s Eve in the Maldives, 2015 has reunited the entire group in February, at the glamorous J.W. Mariott hotel in Bucharest, where the Dentists’ Ball is annually held. For this year, since it was the second time our team was present at this event, we made sure to change some of the choreographies and costumes, and also prepare some new dance shows for the guests.

Considering the fact that our band grew, we needed special training for this party. Some of us have worked assiduously to learn the new choreography, while the rest have focused extensively on improving of synchronization.

The day of the show, after long weeks of rehearsal, the choreography, the costumes were prepared and we were ready to impress. We opened up with the Viennese Waltz, a choreography designed specifically for this ball, followed by a moment of Quickstep, that brought people to the dance floor. In total, SCENA Showdance performed 10 dance shows, 5 of which with the entire group and 5 other solo routines. Here are some of our numbers: Charleston, Flamenco, Romanian Folklore and our newest dance, Fireball.

Of all the shows, our new salsa choreographed to Pitbull’s famous song raised the entire room.

After each number the guests were invited to dance along with us, leaving their seats empty and following our dance steps.

In the end, our 5 couples performed no less than 10 numbers, each and one of them with its distinctive costumes. Next year we will most certainly return with other new shows, but until then we are getting ready for a summer full of dance.

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